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00-2006 Power Point Presentation
The subsidized SESNA training course, “Know Your Island’s Environment”, aimed to increase general knowledge of Saba’s environment among staff of tourism-related businesses in order to enable the provision of accurate and quality information on the environment to the visitor.
(Small Enterprise Stimulation Netherlands Antilles 2006)_

00- Biological Inventory of Saba

Every year the whole month of October is the month for Sea & Learn with many presentations about nature and with excursions all by biologists and other scientists.

Lynn Costenaro started this many years ago.
See here a presentation in 2015 from Lynn herself

00-2011-10-03-Two songs at the occasion of the Sea&Learn October month 2011

00-2013-10-05-Sea&Learn-alternative energy, Presentation by David Ince

00-2013-10-11-Sea&Learn-astronomy&Conservation, Presentation by Steve Martin

00- 2014 Sea & Learn on Saba 2014 Program Part 1, discussions about
Shark preservation with Brent Winner, about sponges with Joseph Pawlik, about hummingbirds with Adrian del Nevo, the cloudy environment with Sonja Behnke, about lizards by Susan Perkins

00-2014 Sea & Learn Program 2014 Part 2
discussions about
Protecting Sharks with Erwin Winter, Migration of whales, with Kaitlyn Mullen, Problem with lionfish, presented by Fadia Ali, about octopuses, Stephanie Bush, threatened species with Robert Powell


00- 2014 Sea & Learn Youth Environmental Leadership Program (YELP)
Presentation by Seabird McKeon
2014 Sea & Learn on Saba is a non-profit foundation that brings together the local community, diverse nature experts and visitors to understand the value of nature, both worldwide and locally on Saba.


00 2015-Sea & Learn: Overview presentations: “The Birth of Saba”, presentation by Jennifer Rahn, Sustainable fisheries on Saba Bank etc. by Erik Boman, , The importance of bats by Saba Fernando Simal, The importance of Science by Mike Bok, William Heyborne, Rhiannon Jorna, Akito Kawahara, Travelling Sharks by Erwin Winter, Protecting corals by Ken Nedimeyer


00- 2015-Sea & Learn, Closing credits to Sea & Learn 2015 Event. A Moonlit Night on Saba, "Do not go gently into that good night" Narrated by Sir Anthony Hopkins


00- Sea & Learn 15 years (2017)
Enjoy this summary of the past 15 years of Sea & Learn on Saba


00- General attitude on Saba
A Caribbean island gets everyone involved in protecting beloved species (





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